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SHEIN Swim Suit Faves.

Hi loves,

Today on the blog I’m posting my favorite inexpensive bathing suit picks from the wonderful Shein site. This is not a sponsored post just my honest opinion of this site, and of what bathing suits I would buy!

For some that don’t know what Shein is it’s a online shop that has endless amounts of clothing, accessories, suits, shoes, ect. You name it. All at the most inexpensive cost EVER. (Cheaper than your local forever 21!)

At the end of this post I’m going to list some common questions I think you guys might have and what I’ve experienced ordering through this site. So first things first here is my list of top 10 I would buy this Summer and I’ll let you know which ones I already own! Hehe. scroll on down & click to shop 💕

I have this!

I have this!

I have this!

Just ordered this!

That’s my top 10. I could pick so many more!

I didn’t mention the prices for all of these because every single one is $20.00 or LESS! What a steal! Also another point I want to let you know about is there is a SHEIN APP you can download on your phone so you can shop right from your phone while still in bed!. Believe me I am weird about shopping on sites with prices that are to good to be true and only online, but believe me when I say this shop is soooo great! Have questions? Check out what I have to say below.

Common questions people have are,

Q: How long does the shipping take??

A: In my experience shipping hasn’t taken longer than two weeks!

Q: Since the clothing is on the cheaper side does it feel/look cheap?

A: In my experience NO. If you look at the reviews first of what you are buying then you should be good. I am still hesitant buying something that has zero reviews.

Q: Is this a real site??

A: Yes absolutely. I have ordered numerous times from SHEIN and haven’t had any troubles.

Q: Do the sizes run true to size?

A: In my experience yes and no. You really need to look at the size chart and reviews to determine what size you need. Every piece of product is different and most run small or big. I usually can get small but sometimes I need a medium.

Q: Is the cost cheap so they can get you with shipping cost?

A: I say that question because it was one of mine for so long and why I hesitated to order with them. They actually do not even charge you if you order over a certain amount. That’s what I always end up doing. And it’s nothing crazy either. Normally it runs like $12-$24 dollars extra to ship one or two items.

I feel like I covered the basics. All swim are linked of course 💖 and you can also check out the FAQ on their website. I hope you all have a terrific week! I’ll see you again soon.


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