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C&K Boutique Outfit πŸŽ’

Heyya lovelies,

If you haven’t noticed I start most of my posts with calling you lovely so I hope that brightens your day πŸ™‚ haha.

Currently I’m heading back to Tn from Charlotte. We had a new store set up over in the Charlotte premium outlets we had to do. My body is sooo sore and I’m so tired and worn out. These set ups aren’t always easy but it’s always so fun to work hard and see it come together little by little. At the end of the set up it’s amazing to see the store completely put together. It’s like wow I did that. It’s really rewarding to see your finished work! Back to the present though I’m itching to get back home and just crawl in bed and sip some tea and watch Netflix! The struggle is reallll!

I wanted to jump on here quick though and show you another C&K outfit from my shop I put together! I’ll describe more on each piece below and make sure to link them. I’m getting the best spring vibes with this outfit!

Top | Skirt

Tube top fits tts. Will fit anyone with smaller chest size. Has ruffle detailing on the top. Bright red is a statement and should be worn a lot in the Spring / Summer months!

Skirt runs a tiny bit small. I am wearing size medium. Comes with belt so you can make it tighter if need be. I would order a size up. Has a diagonal zipper look on the front. Would look adorable tucked into shirts or bodysuits and tube tops work too.

(My bag and shoes are from other shops)

I’m loving this outfit. I will definitely wear this when it gets a little warmer outside. It’s not bad to prepare a little early ☺️

See ya on my next post πŸ™‚ also!! Go check out my other recent posts !


03/14/19 πŸ™‚

11:03 am

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