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My first travel to NYC | Tips when visiting a big city

Hi lovelies,

Let’s just dive in! Oh my goodness I can’t even begin to tell you what I was feeling when I finally stepped into all the action of Times Square New York City!!🌃 . Let’s just say my jaw dropped and stayed that way the rest of the night. You have to remember I come from a tiny town in TN that could never even touch a quarter of that city… So yeah I’m just a little excited. I’m already planning my trip back Haha.

Today I’m sharing with you how I spent my time there. I promise I won’t leave out any details! I threw in some ✨Major Tips✨when visiting a HUGE city like that. It can be overwhelming for sure but I hope you enjoy reading this and get some useful info from me.

hint- when you see this (✨) it’s a tip I added.

That NY traffic you hear all about in movies and conversations it’s real people! It’s CRAZYYY and you don’t want to be involved. Cabbies🚕 were weaving in and out everywhere almost hitting the car in every way shape or form but somehow managing not to. I felt so bad for my Dad because it was pretty hectic driving in that mess. You sort of just have to realize that it’s busy and take it for what it is and remain calm as possible. We stayed at Luma hotel (one of the cheaper spots to book) valet is quite expensive but if you don’t want to deal with getting back into the mess of nyc traffic the $70 to valet was almost worth it. ✨When visiting the city : park the car or valet as soon as you get to your hotel or air bnb! Use public transportation or walk. Pretend I’m screaming that into your ears right now because your making a big mistake if you don’t. When you are visiting somewhere as busy as New York the last thing you want to deal with is the expensive parking and traffic. So park tha car 🙂

Luma hotel was very modern and chic. It had a futuristic feel to it. The room was nice and the beds were super clean and comfy. They have a restaurant and bar downstairs and not to mention this super cool robot that delivers stuff to your room. It uses the elevators by itself and everything. (Probably why I added the futuristic feel up there) but seriously so COOL! Plus, luma was close enough to walk right into all the action. I’d stay there again.

So the car is parked and we are ready to go explore. Depending on what occasion you are dressing for ✨it’s a great idea to change into the comfiest shoes you have for walking around✨. Chances are you will be doing a lot of walking and you don’t want to have sore feet when your exploring. So after grabbing some tennis we go out to the city!

This city is a magical place. I still can’t even believe this place exists. Sorry I’m a small town girl that’s never been to NYC so yes I’m not going to lie I was totally in tourist mode along with this post. Lol. After being mesmerized by all the digital screens on top of each other advertising movies, broadway, and everything under the sun I found my bearings and headed towards a place called The View Restaurant.

Let’s just talk about this place for a minute because it’s insane and totally a must go see when you visit. It’s in the Marriott hotel. You take the elevator up to floor 48 to a rotating restaurant in the sky. You get seated by somebody but there’s one thing that’s different…The entire outside edge of the place where you sit moves really slow. You get the best view of the city! Definitely recommend going there and having a martini 🍸 ✨Timing is everything. Try to plan it when you go there or anywhere high up for a drink or dinner to watch the sunset so either right after dinner or before. We went before. It was definitely a highlight to see that.

One of the biggest tourist attractions is Broadway. It’s not the cheapest thing to do but it’s totally worth splurging for! We went and saw Disney’s Frozen on Broadway and it was so great. ✨Broadway shows are sure to sell out weeks and even months ahead of time so make sure you plan way ahead and get seats! We were lucky enough to grab Frozen tickets on broadway tickets .com with only 8 seats remaining. Sometimes it can work out that way but it’s always best to plan ahead. ✨Get to your show 30-40 minutes early because it will be busy and you want to make sure your seats are right. Plus it gives you time to hit up the bar and use the restroom.

A few tears later after an amazing performance we headed back to the hotel. Like I said we did only stay one day and had a very long trip back to TN in the morning so we didn’t stay out super late. Remember that traffic I was telling you about. ✨If you do valet call from your room cause it will be a while. Hey the valet driver is still only human and has to sit in that traffic too. Sometimes getting your car in the morning can take 30-40 minutes! Relax have a coffee and don’t be in a rush. Back to TN we went. 11 hour car ride might I add. We are back safe and sound and I’m going to go fall into my bed now.

Thanks for reading about my time and I hope you got some oooh ahh moments from my tips. Visiting big cities is so much fun just remember to always be cautious of your surroundings. I really hope your dying to go to New York now after all that. In all seriousness go if you’ve never been. Plan the trip. Just do it!

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10:36 pm 🙂

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