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Edgy Style

Hey readers, over at my boutique is the stylish skirt everyone is raving about. It’s high waisted and will go with just about anything. It is the perfect summer bottom to have. I love it so much I bought one for myself. It doesn’t ride up and it isn’t insanely short. It will look good on all sizes! I think you need this to complete your summer wardrobe.

This is my very first boutique post and look forward to a bunch more as I keep adding new stuff to the site. At any time you want to purchase an item I am talking about I will have links at the end of the post directly to that product and a link to my website as well. I look forward to showing you all the cute styles I picked out for Summer. I hope you will be just as big as a fan as I am. You can also shop any of these looks on the Instagram page and make sure to give us a follow and a shout out if you purchase from us. C&KBoutiqueInstagram

Shop the top

Shop the skirt

Shop the site

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