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Running Out of Steam, Try these Tips.

Hi y’all!!! I am so hyper right now because I’m eating pecan pie and ice cream and coffee (drinking that probably) and its all just so wonderful. If you follow my blog then you probably know I can’t do coffee but fun fact: I’ve been drinking “caffeine free” for a bit now and it hasn’t bothered me so YAY. I shake my head at all of those fake coffee drinkers too but I am one of those now so be nice haha. I’m sorry I just love the taste! I deserve coffee too. lol. Any who…I have been feeling a lot more motivated and full of life and I wanted to share with you what I’ve been doing differently the past month.

  1. Getting up before my alarm. I always set my alarm “early ish” so then I would get up when it screams at me but even more motivating than that I’ve been getting up 45 minutes earlier. It is seriously the best. Plus when I’m  done getting ready or done some things around the house and I hear my alarm go off just hearing that after I’ve been up for a bit is motivating enough for my whole day. So wake up early!! You heard it here first. ( and a billion times all over the internet) but… I wont mention that…zzzzzz.
  2.  Washing my face at night. I know your probably like why would that motivate you more??? and it doesn’t really make sense UNTIL you start keeping up with a daily regimen because girl that skin will glow and you will be feeling fabulous without a doubt. It could just be me but whenever I wake up with bright clearer skin I feel so much better, refreshed, and energized. ( A blog post in the making)
  3. Blogging more. HA this one is crazy. It works though I’m going to tell you why. Also just to point it out if you are not a blogger and have no interest in that sort of thing it can just be something you are passionate about or enjoy doing for sure. For me it’s blogging. I LOVE to come up with posts and wear cute clothes and take photos. Clearly I am not the only one there is billions of us (: HI! lol. But back to my story.. It’s very motivating to push yourself with something you enjoy doing because the outcome is endless! That to me is motivating and keeps me going.
  4. Praying. getting vulnerable with God and letting him know what’s up is so crazy awesome I can’t even explain it seriously. Don’t just say thank you and pray for someone or something.. I mean dig deep. Tell him your passions ask him to help you find what your missing, let him know how much is bothering you, and exactly what it is. For example I have very low confidence in myself sometimes and I don’t know where it comes from but I pray about that all the time and I see small changes in myself everyday. I think the other things to pray about are great and that is none of my business what you pray about. I’m just saying dip deeper!! ❤ 
  5. Lastly, Motivational podcasts. I use audible and have a ton of Motivational speakers and peoples stories I listen to on the way to work. When I was younger my Dad would tell me to listen to stories like this ALL the time! I never listened..I didn’t think I would ever get anything out of them it was just a bunch of people talking and then it would be over. Since changing my mind this has helped me in everyday life so much. Confidence wise, business wise, personality wise. The whole shebang. Anything you might be struggling with listen to one on your commute to work or school and listen to it all the way through. One that has made me feel super good is here

That’s it for me today gals. I hope you all have an amazing Easter Sunday with family and friends and eat tons of deviled eggs. haha that’s just something I always eat on Easter, YUM. Anyways. Talk to you soon


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