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Introducing my Boutique

Hey readers,

I have been a bit of a butt head and not been posting a lot this month but I promise I have some good stuff coming soon! Today I just wanted to jump on here and let you all know HIIII I’m still here,

As you know or maybe you are just now finding my blog I have successfully launched my very first boutique online! I can’t wait to share all the cuteness with you all! Slowly but surely it will have more merchandise…and it will take some time honestly but… here is a link to go look at it now. C&K Boutique . I plan on finding the cutest styles that I personally love and would wear myself.  Life is all about learning so maybe I’m not taking the right approach by only getting stuff that I like, but I can’t imagine selling something I’m not passionate about, and ya’ll this skirt is going to be worn DAILY this Summer! When people ask me what style my boutique is going to be I really just think I will be sticking to styles that are trendy and cute. I guess I would say my look I’m going for would be a beach babe style with an edge. Eventually when you go on my site it will be outfits for date night with that SO, a night out on the town, vacation style, brunch with the girls, or staying home with the coziest threads. I’m looking forward to sharing my shop with you girls and honestly all I want out of this business adventure is a happy confident girl wearing this clothes looking back knowing she is a beautiful unforgettable gal with great taste! because honestly (sorry I’m saying that so much…lots of honesty going on in this post) haha but honestly that is something I struggle with more than I would like to say…


The black skirt above is a huge hit right now. (I’m wearing it now) and have gotten a million compliments. I have a bunch of outfit posts with my clothes I’m selling on my site and collaboration posts coming soon. Please shoot me a comment or email or just like this post if you like the boutique start up and are as excited as I am. Starting small and keeping at your goals every single day will be a huge benefit in the long run! I struggle with this too sometimes because there are so many amazing boutiques out there and it brings me down a little not gonna lie but at the end of the day I am so happy for those businesses and only hope to add to that amazing list. Since this post is called thinking out loud…that is exactly what I’m doing so I’m sorry for the jibber jabber. (if that’s a word)

Currently I am drinking a red rock ginger ale and I packed a small brownie to take to work with me. That sweet chocolaty snack in the middle of the day is winning right now. I need to remember to do that more often! How have you all been? ? I love catching up on my blogging gals and seeing what is up. Something I’ve never asked before.. is are any bloggers on here that live in North Carolina? If so we definitely need to meet!! I always love meeting new friends and if we have the same hobby that makes it that much better.

I think I said enough random stuff for the day huh? Well gals..I hope you will be a C&K Boutique customer and friend ❤ See ya sooner than later.


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5 thoughts on “Introducing my Boutique”

  1. Omg girlfriend I am so excited for you! Your clothes are too cute- I cannot wait to scroll through some more. Hopefully I will be rocking + styling something fun of yours on my blog soon 😉

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