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My Summer Goals

 Here is my list of personal goals I want to achieve this Summer. I hope you also set goals for yourself regularly. It’s important to show yourself what you got! Here’s mine! Let’s be real the picture above is my real summer goal HA. 

Don’t bite my nails.

I have been doing well with this one until my nails finally are getting longer I bite them and then regret it immediately after. I need to take action and say NO to biting them from now on. Also Sally Hansen Maximum Growth is helping a lot.

Stick to one skin care brand.

Recently I went to a dermatologist to get some very simple questions answered. Why is my face breaking out? My skin is normally pretty clear but I have been using so many different skin care brands to see what works and that is a big NO. Her advice was to stick to one brand and see how my skin reacts after 2 weeks. Right now using all sorts of different ingredients is purging my skin, and my skin doesn’t know how to react. Also a good exfoliate at night is a must. A gentle cleanser is not all you can count on for taking all of your make up off. So from now on I’ll be using all Mario Badescu because I fell in love with all of those products. Also huge secret!! If you didn’t know already. On the actual Mario Badescu site you can get up to 7 samples of product for $2.95 shipped to you. (I just did this)

Take care of my hair.

If you follow my blog I went a month without putting heat on my hair and well I’m a little upset. I guess I thought some miracle would happen and I would have long healthy hair but that’s not the case. I feel like it didn’t do anything actually so I contacted my hair stylist and she says it’s great that I did that but I have to keep up with trimming and deep conditioning it. I will keep doing this and go from there. (any tips?) mainly just frizz on the ends and never stays straight!!! 

Minimize the snacks.

I’m not so terrible with this one besides the fact I love ALL food but I need to minimize my snacking. I feel like one super chocolaty  brownie covered in ice cream, sprinkles, cookie dough.. etc..is OK once every 3 weeks. lol Stick to this plan CASSIE! 

Make my bed each morning.

This one isn’t that big of a deal but I feel like it will make a difference. They say when you make your bed in the morning you just feel more put together and accomplished lol. We’ll see. Right now I’m just throwing my duvet over my bed and telling myself that is a made bed. uh no but good try. 

Workout 7 minutes every day and every night.

7 minutes? HA yea I’m pretty pathetic. I’ve been to the gym, I’ve worked out at home seldom, I’ve tried the YouTube videos, the subscriptions…nothing is working. I have to stay motivated and strict with this. This one isn’t going to be easy but I feel like whenever I don’t feel like doing this I will remember my self writing this post letting myself know how serious I am about this. Believe it or not that will motivate me enough. Writing these posts help a lot!


Achieve a great tan.

Sunscreen is so important I get that but I need sun! I want that glow bronzed look that I used to get when I was younger. ! I think when I was younger I would be in the sun a lot so I had no problem. yeah. the good life.  

Plan my outfits each morning.

The last time I did I was in middle school or maybe even younger… but this one is something I need to start doing! I am so lost in the morning and end up wearing just whatever I feel the most comfortable in which is important yes but I regret my decision later on during the day. I have cute clothes in my closet I need to make use of them!

Wake up when my alarm goes off.

I envy all of you that can just get up when it’s time to get up with no hassle. I am more of a hit the snooze on my phone 4 or 5 times before actually getting up. Once the panic sets in a little then I get up and rush to get ready and eat. I’m not enjoying this..


I’m sure I could think of a million more goals and if I do I’ll make another post probably but for now these are goals I really want to achieve this Summer. Thanks for reading! Do we have similar goals? Let me know! and any tips or tricks you have please share ❤

xoxoxo Cas.

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43 thoughts on “My Summer Goals”

  1. These goals are great so I wish you all the best with them! I can relate to some of the goals too, I am a nightmare when it comes to biting my nails! I look forward to your next post and thank you for inspiring me! Xxx

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  2. You have some great goals here Cassie! Thanks for the Mario suggestion, I’ll have to go do that. Making your bed will make all the difference and you will achieve your tan even faster if you read while sitting outside in a bathing suit so you aren’t so bored and lost in the thought of how sweaty you are lol! Great post + best of luck with achieving your goals!!


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    1. Thank you so much love. ❤ as always thanks for reading and for the advice. I actually have a book being sent to me called "redeeming Love" by my cousin so that will be perfect timing. You would love the book also why I mentioned it. Look It up sometime! (:

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  3. WOW, reading your goals for the summer I have slowly realized we are the SAME person lol. I tanned great as a kid, now I can tan, its just I never have time ti be in the sun enough for it! Thankfully, I have a great place that does spray tans (I promise I don’t get orange) haha. Also, minimizing the snacks is a serious thing for me, like you had me lost when you started talking about brownies with ice cream and sprinkles.. really.. ill take 12. haha I enjoyed this. thanks!

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    1. I’m so glad you can relate! It’s soooo hard not to want to snack when I’m just home after work doing nothing you know! ? ! I’ll have to start working out every time I think about a snack. 😂 that would be very beneficial.

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    1. I think it does too. Who would’ve thought. I was using anything that sounded good to me but I’m glad i had some sense talked into me lol. Thank you for reading and stopping by ❤


  4. People seriously don’t understand the importance of short workouts! Consistency helps. I’ve been slacking unfortunately, but I try to do a 10 minute stretch workout, and a 10 minute ab or whatever I feel like workout. I use workout videos on youtube, one channel is called Fitness Blender, and the other channel I forget, but the instructor’s name is Denise Austin.

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  5. Good luck with all of these! I also need a take care of my hair goal. I stopped using heat too but it’s just one big frizz ball lol. And I’ve started planning my outfits out too and it really helps! I used to waste SO much time in the morning trying to figure out what to wear.

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    1. I’m glad you liked my post! Good luck to you as well 💕 then I hear thing is hard. I’m back to putting heat on my hair but very minimal. And I have yet to pick out my outfits. Thanks for reminding me. I’m probably going to do this now.

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  6. good luck in achieving your goals ! I really enjoyed reading this post , thank you so much for sharing it sweetie ❤
    also , I would love it if you could check my blog out , have a lovely dayy ❤ ❤

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  7. Oh my goodness I love this post! I feel like when you post your goals it keeps you more motivated to reach them. I think I’m going to do the same 🙂 I’m also really bad at snoozing my alarm every morning, so stopping that has been a goal of mine for a while. Also, I love self-tanning especially in the summer! Or spray tanning. If you use a quality self-tanner or someone who is really good at spray tanning, you can get the most gorgeous tan!

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    1. Aw I’m glad it makes you more motivated too! You should definitely join me! I love spray tans but in the summer when it’s this hot I’m always hesitant because it could sweat off lol


  8. Try the Brazilian Bond builder for ultra soft locks. It’s a real deep conditioner that only a salon can apply. It’s good for up to 12-15 hair washes. I have been getting it done as I have highlights. Good luck,

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    1. Well thank you so much for the product info! I’ve been getting glosses and just really focusing on not a lot of heat and my leave in conditioners and masking twice a week! I just started so it will be a while till it’s what I want but I’m glad I’m doing it now!

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  9. For your hair I suggest John Frieda Frizz Ease original serum, I have frizzy hair and this product words very well, but you must blow dry your hair to see the benefit. I am tan all year round, its the biggest part of my wardrobe, I keep it even by using self tanning products, applied with latex gloves (prevents horrible tanning accidents on the hands!), I love L’Oreal sublime bronze tanning gel, also Dove self tans are nice, I hate St Tropez, it doesn’t develop well and most of it washes off even after 24 hours. Happy Summer!

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