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Summer Essential~Bralettes

I was reading a post the other day and I wish I could remember who it was so I could give them a shout out but they referred to the bralette as the (bras cousin) I hysterically laughed at this, thank you. Because of that post it stunned me. I wear bralettes more then I do bras. I am falling in love with bralettes all sorts of them and all ways you can wear them! They are so perfect for summer and what better time to talk about them when summer is approaching in 3 days!! Oh my gosh! It’s like a sports bra and Lacey lingerie bra had a baby and wha la the bralette was born. They could use a little more coverage but I’m OK with how they are.

I have a collection of bralettes I wear day to day and I wanted to share all the ways I wear them! 

(I am new to blogging and hope to have pro pics soon with me in them when I talk about things like this because it’s more personal) but for now I will just be taking my own photos until I find myself a photographer 😊

Here are my ways I’ve been wearing these beauties. 

~ pair a bralette with high waisted shorts (I haven’t actually done this yet) but it just came to mind because it’s getting hotter outside.

~ over-sized loose tees and t shirt dress. This is my favorite way. I haven’t invested in a ton of different styles and I always go for the chunky lace ones. I have like 5 different colors in this style but I love wearing comfy dresses or shirts with a chunky lace bralette because it shows around my neck and in the front depending on how big my tee is and adds a pop of color and makes it more of a statement outfit. Whenever you wear a bralette that you can really see I get tons of compliments and that just makes my day that much better! Right?

~ pair a bralette with a maxi skirt. I have done this a few times and never regretted it. It’s so stinkin cute! Make sure the bralette you choose is a longer one. You don’t want to show to much skin lol or maybe you do, that’s up to you!

~ anything white! A bralette always pairs well with anything white! Remember this and trust me! So cute.

~sheer shirts. Thanks to bralettes I now can wear my sheer looking styled shirts. I used to just keep them in my closet and I tried pairing one with a tank top but it just looked weird! A sheer top + bralette is the perfect duo

~ open back shirts and dresses. This one is obvious! Just make sure the bralette your sporting that day has beautiful back detail!

~over the shoulder loose flowy tops. I always go with a print with these because when it’s over my shoulder it’s very loose on top and you can see the bralette a lot more so I think patterns and floral look best with this look. 

!!!My next investment is a high neck bralette!!! and I will play around with that to see what it pairs well with. Well that’s all from me today for this Monday. Without going back and counting I wonder how many times I said the word bralette, haha and of course I am currently wearing a bralette. It’s an everyday essential for me. I’m serious. Thanks for reading. PS: Invest in one these also PS: I said the word 19 times LOL

xoxoxo Cas. 

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25 thoughts on “Summer Essential~Bralettes”

  1. Love bralettes!!! I have so many and two high neck ones which are prob my favs!! Victoria secret has some for $20 like all the time lol. I live in Hawaii so it’s summer 24/7 these are a go to!!

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  2. i feel so free and feminine wearing bralets it’s great, and they also make great festival accessories, love your blog! i’m also new to blogging and this is a well written post for a new blogger!x

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  3. I’ve always loved these cute little bralettes, but I’ve never actually got one because I’ve never known what to wear it with 🙈 now I do!!!! 😆 (I must go buy one right away! 😆😍) xxxx

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